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Be the first virtual assistant director in cinema history!

Beam me up to the Amiri & Aroha set!

Central to our IndieGoGo campaign is providing all our supporters with the opportunity to experience the joys of independent film making.

For locals and those able to travel to our locations in New Zealand, we encourage you to get involved, in front or behind the camera, with one of our unique rewards.

The challenge has been to enable those unable to travel to New Zealand to take an active part in the film.

In the digital age, we are all familiar with videoconferencing. Our supporters will take this to the next level, joining us on set with an interactive video link.

I always say to assistant directors that they are the director's eyes and ears on location, keeping a sharp lookout for continuity errors that can so easily creep in on a busy shoot. Our virtual assistant directors will be able to view both the set and the video feed from the film camera remotely and alert us to potential issues.

Our groundbreaking new technology brings some industry first screen credits. Be the first virtual assistant director in cinema history!

IndieGoGo is so much more than money!

Help My Mother 2

IndieGoGo is about so much more than just money. It’s about helping people in their hour of need, building caring and supporting communities. Witness this heartfelt campaign to raise money for a mother in desperate need of funding for rehabilitation after devastating accident. I wish Mario Angelov and his mother all the very best for the future.

An amazing start to our IndieGoGo campaign


We have had a fantastic response to the launch of our IndieGoGo campaign and have reached 10% of our funding goal in the first two days! Everyone on the Amiri & Aroha team sends a huge and heartfelt thank you to each of our early funders. We truly appreciate your support!

We've had some great feedback regarding our perks, especially the virtual rewards! We already have one contributor destined to be the first virtual assistant director in cinema history! I'll be covering how this technology will work in future updates, both on this blog and in the updates tab on our IndieGoGo campaign page. So stay tuned and see how you can get an industry first screen credit!

Kia ora to all our wonderful supporters! We are eternally grateful. Do please keep up the good work and spread the word to all your family and friends!

Our IndieGoGo Campaign goes live!

Please support our IndieGoGo campaign to fund completion of the Amiri & Aroha trilogy!

Amiri & Aroha has truly become a global sensation and we need your help to make the final film a stunning conclusion to the trilogy.

We’ve got some awesome rewards for our backers. Everyone who contributes to our campaign will be offered a role in the film, either in front or behind the camera, in person or via video link up. We are using the latest technology to allow those who cannot get to the film’s location to participate in the film. And this affords some absolutely unique, industry first screen credits. Be the very first virtual assistant director in cinema history!

Click on the cool widget to go to our campaign home page. Please support us if you possibly can and forward this blog to all your family and friends!

Thank you so much. Together we have the opportunity to create something really great!

The David Whittet Foundation supports "Tukino"


I am delighted to announce that the David Whittet Foundation is supporting the New Zealand Independent film Tukino. This is the first film that we have backed since the foundation began and it is hard to imagine a more worthy project. A true community project where the entire cast and crew are working on a project they believe in for love with no financial reward.

Whilst the David Whittet Foundation was set up to manage my family medicine projects in the developing world, it has always been my dream to support independent film makers on projects with a positive message for humanity. It is often impossible for such projects to gain commercial funding, but they represent a voice which needs to be heard.

Tukino is independent film making at its very best and exactly what we should be supporting. This is a genuinely unique project with a serious message for New Zealand society and the world at large. What is so special about this project is that it that it looks at the factors behind child abuse in completely new and dramatic way, which will engage audiences and carry them on a journey which they will never forget.

Yes, films can change the world…

Visit the Tukino site at IndieGoGo and you too can help to support this outstanding project.

Please Support "Tukino"


My two close collaborators, Kristel Day and Walter Walsh are working on an exciting new project Tukino, a new film by Fred Potts.

This is a highly original story about a 12 year old Māori girl called Puhi, who is abused and outcast by her family and escapes to another world, that of her Māori ancestors. The film has an important message for contemporary society.

This is independent film making at its very best. Passionate film makers with an original vision. But these film makers need your help to pursue their passion. Please support their Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for this unique project. This is what Kickstarter should be all about. Supporting and celebrating creative ideas which lie outside the realm of commercial cinema.

Time is short for the Tukino crew. Please follow this link and if you possibly can, pledge support to ensure that this unique film is made.