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Michael Robotham at Fiona McIntosh’s Masterclass Convention

David with Michael Robotham

How fantastic to to meet best selling Australian author Michael Robotham at Fiona McIntosh's inauguarl mastercall conveentrtained us with the How fantastic to meet best selling Australian author Michael Robotham at Fiona McIntosh’s inaugural masterclass convention.

In his opening keynote, Michael enthralled us with anecdotes from his extraordinary career. He began as a reporter and sub-editor for national newspapers in the UK. He went on to be a ghostwriter for the likes of Lulu and spice girl Geri Halliwell.

Michael’s career catapulted when the opening chapters of his first novel, The Suspect, sparked an international bidding war at the London Book Fair. The rest is history and made everyone in the audience extremely jealous!

Michael’s talk was as captivating as his books and got the conference, in South Australia’s beautiful Clare Valley, off to a brilliant start.

Happy 111th Birthday to David Lean


Today is the 111th birthday of the man who inspired me—and so many outstanding directors—to make movies.

I celebrated the occasion with a private screening of two of his early masterpieces, Great Expectations and a film that was sadly neglected until its rediscovery in the David Lean centenary celebrations, The Passionate Friends.

This iconic poster now adorns my studio!