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Author of the Month on UK Talk Radio


I am thrilled to be selected as Author of the Month on UK Talk Radio. It's an honour to work with such an inspiring team.

Check out this feature, and my on-air interview will be available shortly.

Author of the Month David Whittet

Goliath Goes Global!

Goliath goes global! Check out my in-depth interview with the Independent Author Network.

Read the full Q&A here.

KickArts Radio Interview


Great to catch up with Emma and Stephen again on the KickArts radio show. Guess I will have to practice my singing before next year's show!

Goliath and the Gang on the KickArts readio show


I will talk Goliath and the Gang on the KickArts radio show tonight at 8.40 pm at PlanetFM 104.6FM. Tune in to learn more about my new book!

NZ Booklovers Interview on Goliath and the Gang


The book launch for Goliath and the Gang is finally here. I just completed an extensive interview with NZ Booklovers, where I discussed the inspiration behind the book and shared insights into my future plans. It has been a busy year with three new books on the horizon!

Check out the interview here: NZ Booklovers Interview

Goliath and the Gang Book Trailer

Take a forty-five second rollercoaster ride with this stunning book trailer for Goliath and the Gang!

The Joys of being an Indie Author


For me, the greatest joy of being an indie author is the ability to choose my own publishing partners. I have pitched my work to major publishers, but they all wanted to make radical changes to the manuscript. Changes that would irrevocably alter my story. Then I found Copy Press.

A Nelson-based publisher, Copy Press has helped authors publish their books for over twenty-five years. Their service is unique and custom-designed to suit the needs of today’s indie authors. Dave MacManus and his team of talented designers produce gorgeous books, all locally printed in Nelson. And it doesn’t stop there. Their distribution networks have made my books available to bookshops across New Zealand and major booksellers worldwide.

Dave MacManus introduced me to my editor, Renell Judais, at Proof Perfect NZ. Editing can make or break a book—and an author’s career. Finding the right editor is essential for every writer. It is their most important professional relationship. I’m glad I found Renell. I have learnt so much from her. Her expertise and eye for detail have proved invaluable in perfecting my manuscripts and sharpening my skills as an author.

Likewise, Copy Press introduced me to my proofreader, Stephanie McConchie, at Focus Proofreading. Stephanie is an ace at sorting timeline issues and has shown a remarkable commitment to the project beyond simply proofreading.

Establishing an author brand is crucial for independent writers. With so many books published every day, how can we make our work stand out? Choosing the right cover designer is essential to raise our profile. With her vast knowledge of the publishing industry and exceptional design skills, Holly Dunn’s cover designs perfectly capture the essence of my written words. Holly is an extraordinary talent, and I am proud to have her work on my books.

I am immensely grateful to everyone in my publishing team, who have all played a vital part in helping me realise my dreams.

Medicine, Movies and Manuscripts


Medicine, Movies and Manuscripts. All three can change the world in their different ways. They have certainly changed the course of my life. Check out my article on the Grown Ups website, where I reflect on how my passion for family medicine has inspired me as a filmmaker and an author.

To celebrate the launch of my new book, Goliath and the Gang, Grown Ups are running a giveaway promotion. Three lucky winners will get a personally autographed copy of Goliath and the Gang. As a special bonus, they will also receive a signed copy of Gang Girl, the first novel in the series, relaunched with a gorgeous new cover.

Medicine, Movies and Manuscripts article at Grown Ups
Book Giveaway at Grown Ups

NZ Writers Read

I recorded this reading from The Road to Madhapur for the New Zealand Society of Authors series NZ Writers Read. This programme began during the pandemic and allows New Zealand authors to showcase their work.
This video introduces us to Theo, an idealistic Kiwi doctor who wants to change the world. Along the way, I reveal some of the inspiration behind the story with some breathtaking images of family medicine and village life in India and Uganda.

What's in a name? A new title for Blood Cousins


I have struggled to find the right title for Blood Cousins since I completed the manuscript. Recently, it’s become something of an obsession. When I started the novel, Blood Cousins seemed an appropriate title, but it became less so as the story progressed.

Gang Girl is a memorable and eye-catching title. Blood Cousins needs an equally attention-grabbing title. The use of another iteration could work. I considered Gazza and the Gang. Aaron could be nicknamed Gazza as a child when he starred in his school football team. Or maybe Gekko and the Gang. Aaron could have acquired the nickname Gekko from his meteoric rise to the top of the power industry.

Today, I have finally cracked it. I have settled on Goliath and the Gang. This title is attention-grabbing and reflects the heart of the story. And it affords an exciting tagline: ‘Aaron has two sworn enemies … Goliath and the Gang’.

The Road to Madhapur in IndieReader's Best Reviewed Books of the Month

Screen Shot 2023-04-02 at 7.09.39 PM
The Road to Madhapur features in IndieReader’s prestigious best-reviewed books in March 2023.

Here’s what they said:

‘THE ROAD TO MADHAPUR by David Whittet is a wistful, beautiful if heartbreaking coming-of-age story where the character’s lives are beset by strife and hardship but through their tribulations come to realize who they truly are and find their life’s purpose through the service of those in need.’

View IndieReader’s full list of the best reviewed books in March here.

The Second Book in the Gang Girl Series Completed in Thailand


I completed the second book in the Gang Girl series on a recent visit to Thailand. With the working title Blood Cousins, the novel continues Alicia's struggle to escape her gang upbringing and build a better life for her son.

On my return home, I sent the manuscript to my faithful beta readers, who provided invaluable feedback on Gang Girl. While I am delighted with their constructive advice and enthusiasm for the project, I wanted to know how those who had not read Gang Girl would respond to the story. Would they understand it? Had I provided sufficient backstory for the book to work as a stand-alone novel?

To answer this question, I also gave the manuscript to several reviewers who had yet to read the first novel. Comparing their response to that of my regular readers has proved fascinating. While those familiar with the first book were primarily concerned with justice for Alicia, my new reviewers got even more from the story. With a fresh perspective, they concentrated on Aaron's story, a young man destined to reach the top and determined the gang would not destroy his life like they had his mother's. This is especially heartening, as I intended to write a companion novel rather than a sequel.

I am delighted with the feedback from all my reviewers. This will enable me to fine-tune the manuscript as I work with my editorial team.

The Road to Madhapur at the IndieReader Discovery Awards

Screenshot 2023-02-07 at 8.50.58 PM

This is what Indie Reader had to say about The Road to Madhapur:

‘THE ROAD TO MADHAPUR by David Whittet features a captivating, well-paced narrative following two main characters: Theo Malone, a doctor from New Zealand with a broken spirit sent to India on volunteer work, and Elisha, an Australian teenager who lost her mother in a tragic incident while on a family trip to India. The cultural setting of Madhapur, beautifully evoked with breathtaking imagery and remarkable attention to detail, serves as the perfect backdrop where Theo and Elisha’s paths collide and they find love, meaning and purpose.’

IndieReader Discovery Awards: The Road to Madhapur

KickArts Radio Interview on The Road to Madhapur


I chat to Stephen Dallow and Emma Bishop about The Road to Madhapur on the KickArts radio show on Planet FM 104.6.

Listen to the interview here:

Placement is everything!


The Road to Madhapur remains high profile in bookshops, this week strategically positioned between James Paterson and J.D.Robb in Paper Plus at Oamaru. Fantastic to be in such distinguished company!

The Road to Madhapur Book Launch


We had a highly successful book launch for The Road to Madhapur at the Business Hive in Oamaru on Tuesday.

Sandwiched between John Grisham and James Patterson


I am delighted to see my book The Road to Madhapur sandwiched between John Grisham and James Patterson at Paper Plus in Oamaru!

Chek out the latest media on The Road to Madhapur


With the official book launch just ten days away, media interest in The Road to Madhapur has taken off. Following the Radio New Zealand broadcast, I gave a far-reaching Q&A interview with NZ Booklovers:
David Whittet talks about The Road to Madhapur.

NZ Booklovers have also reviewed The Road to Madhapur:
The Road to Madhapur by David Whittet

Flaxroots have posted an in-depth review:
Author’s experience makes a believable novel

And if you haven't already, check out my article on achieving our life goals as we grow older.
It’s Never too late to follow your dreams - David Whittet - Grownups

The Road to Madhapur Book Trailer

Check out this dramatic book trailer and experience The Road to Madhapur in sixty glorious seconds!

Join us for The Road to Madhapur Book Launch


Join us for The Road to Madhapur book launch at The Business Hive in Oamaru on Tuesday 29 November at 7pm. I will be signing books and reading from The Road to Madhapur.

All welcome. Register you interest here.