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Author of the Month on UK Talk Radio


I am thrilled to be selected as Author of the Month on UK Talk Radio. It's an honour to work with such an inspiring team.

Check out this feature, and my on-air interview will be available shortly.

Author of the Month David Whittet

Goliath Goes Global!

Goliath goes global! Check out my in-depth interview with the Independent Author Network.

Read the full Q&A here.

KickArts Radio Interview


Great to catch up with Emma and Stephen again on the KickArts radio show. Guess I will have to practice my singing before next year's show!

Goliath and the Gang on the KickArts readio show


I will talk Goliath and the Gang on the KickArts radio show tonight at 8.40 pm at PlanetFM 104.6FM. Tune in to learn more about my new book!

NZ Booklovers Interview on Goliath and the Gang


The book launch for Goliath and the Gang is finally here. I just completed an extensive interview with NZ Booklovers, where I discussed the inspiration behind the book and shared insights into my future plans. It has been a busy year with three new books on the horizon!

Check out the interview here: NZ Booklovers Interview

Goliath and the Gang Book Trailer

Take a forty-five second rollercoaster ride with this stunning book trailer for Goliath and the Gang!

What's in a name? A new title for Blood Cousins


I have struggled to find the right title for Blood Cousins since I completed the manuscript. Recently, it’s become something of an obsession. When I started the novel, Blood Cousins seemed an appropriate title, but it became less so as the story progressed.

Gang Girl is a memorable and eye-catching title. Blood Cousins needs an equally attention-grabbing title. The use of another iteration could work. I considered Gazza and the Gang. Aaron could be nicknamed Gazza as a child when he starred in his school football team. Or maybe Gekko and the Gang. Aaron could have acquired the nickname Gekko from his meteoric rise to the top of the power industry.

Today, I have finally cracked it. I have settled on Goliath and the Gang. This title is attention-grabbing and reflects the heart of the story. And it affords an exciting tagline: ‘Aaron has two sworn enemies … Goliath and the Gang’.