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The David Whittet Foundation supports "Tukino"


I am delighted to announce that the David Whittet Foundation is supporting the New Zealand Independent film Tukino. This is the first film that we have backed since the foundation began and it is hard to imagine a more worthy project. A true community project where the entire cast and crew are working on a project they believe in for love with no financial reward.

Whilst the David Whittet Foundation was set up to manage my family medicine projects in the developing world, it has always been my dream to support independent film makers on projects with a positive message for humanity. It is often impossible for such projects to gain commercial funding, but they represent a voice which needs to be heard.

Tukino is independent film making at its very best and exactly what we should be supporting. This is a genuinely unique project with a serious message for New Zealand society and the world at large. What is so special about this project is that it that it looks at the factors behind child abuse in completely new and dramatic way, which will engage audiences and carry them on a journey which they will never forget.

Yes, films can change the world…

Visit the Tukino site at IndieGoGo and you too can help to support this outstanding project.