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Postproduction on the Hikoi Music Video

The Hikoi music video grows stronger with each successive edit. The raw images have a unique dramatic potency, which shines through even in the rough cut; a poignant visual poem that speaks eloquently for the underprivileged in our society.
As postproduction progresses, I have been working on the visual texture of the video, a gritty realism to reflect the hardship of life on the streets.
Feedback from early reviewers in the music industry has been invaluable, and I look forward to bringing you a preview before the video hits the international music festival circuit.

The Art of the Music Video

In many ways, music videos are a filmmaker's dream. It's like going back to the silent era, telling a story in pictures and music. Images are much more powerful without dialogue; it's cinematic art in its purest form. The Hikoi music video certainly promises to be a compelling piece of cinema.
I am taking a short break from editing the video as I head off to Auckland on Thursday for the New Zealand Script Writer Awards. In the meantime, here are a couple more behind the scenes photos from the shoot.
While in Auckland, we will have the first table read of the full Hikoi screenplay. I have made some major revisions to the story following the feedback from the international film festival circuit, and I am looking forward to the reading with actors playing the parts. Exciting times!


An Eloquent voice for the underprivileged

The excitement of last weekend's shoot continues as the Hīkoi music video comes together. Nikki's powerful song and the poignancy of our child actors speak eloquently for the underprivileged of our world. Even the unedited footage is spellbinding. I can't wait to bring you a preview!


On Location with the Hikoi Music Video

It's a wrap on a fantastic weekend shooting the Hikoi music video. Sincere thanks to everyone who made the shoot such a success, especially Nikki and the Descendents and our outstanding child actresses, who gave up their Saturday to learn what it is like to be homeless and hungry.
Watch out for more photos and behind the scenes footage over the next few days and a sneak preview of the music video!


The Cameras roll on the Hīkoi Music Video in early September!

After so much time in front of a word processor, I can't wait to get back behind the camera!
With Amiri & Aroha at last in the hands of the publishers and the screenplay for Hīkoi in competition on the international film festival circuit, I have been turning my attention to the Hīkoi music video.
At the heart of the video is Nikki Te Ataarangi Brand's brilliantly evocative song. The video tells the touching story of an unusual friendship between a street musician (played by Nikki) and a homeless family. The music video will also introduce the lead character in the forthcoming Hīkoi feature film.
Music producers have been raving about the test footage we shot last year, with multiple invitations to submit to music festivals worldwide.
The cameras start rolling in Taranaki in early September. Keep watching for more news and a preview!

Hīkoi Music Video to hit the big time in 4K!

I have been talking to some music producers who are as excited about Nikki Te Ataarangi Brand's song for Hīkoi as I am myself.
The song is powerful and evocative, exactly matching the mood of the film. Last year we shot a thought provoking music video, featuring Nikki playing a street musician, seeing life in the raw through her eyes as she earns a meagre existence as a busker.
When I showed a rough cut of the footage to the music executives, they were so impressed by the impact of the song and the images that they have urged me to develop the project further and reshoot in 4K. It has been tremendous to get such positive feedback from those in the industry, and I appreciate their confidence that we have a potential award winner.
I am now looking forward to returning to Taranaki this Winter for another fantastic shoot with Nikki and The Descendants and our child stars. I am convinced that we will create something exceptional.
Nikki's song speaks eloquently for the underprivileged of our world. I hope my film will prove equally inspiring.

The Waifs of Waitara

One of the most rewarding aspects of film making is discovering new talent. As well as Nikki and The Descendants, these two girls graced the screen with heartrending performances.
Our Waifs of Waitara will be stars of tomorrow!

Shooting the Hīkoi Music Video

Shooting the Hīkoi music video this afternoon, was an awesome experience. The stage of the Waitara High School came alive as Nikki Te Ataarangi Brand and The Descendants performed the powerful and dramatic song that speaks so eloquently for the underprivileged of our world.
With the performance in the can, we took to the streets of Waitara to film some poignant scenes, which amplify and enhance the message of the song.
I remain convinced this song will soon be taking the music scene by storm!

Hīkoi Music Video to Shoot in Taranaki in August 2015

It takes more than a polar blast to deter dedicated film makers, and I am delighted to report that we are back on track with the Hīkoi music video. Nikki Te Ataarangi Brand and the band are ready and waiting, together with some aspiring child actors. Excitement is running high with an intensive shoot scheduled for 8 & 9 August in Taranaki.
The response to our previous posts has been overwhelming, and we look forward to bringing you a compelling piece of cinema!

Shooting of the Hīkoi Music Video Delayed by Polar Blast!

We are delighted at the enthusiastic response to our announcement of Nikki Te Ataarangi Brand's powerful song. Sadly, plans to shoot the Hīkoi music video have been interrupted by the polar blast that has hit New Zealand over the past few days. We were due to film in Taranaki, but record rainfall and gale force winds meant abandoning the shoot.
Film making is intense. There is huge excitement amongst cast and crew when the cameras are ready to roll. Equally the disappointment is tremendous when circumstances beyond our control delay the project, which is particularly disheartening for new and emerging artists.
I am convinced that our music video will bring Nikki's work to the world stage, and I can't wait to reschedule the filming! Our video will make an eloquent statement about poverty and inequality, and we hope it will cause a stir on the international music festival scene.
In the meantime, negotiations with potential funders and supporters are underway, and some major announcements will be coming soon!

Previz for the Hīkoi Music Video

Pre-production for the Hīkoi music video has been intense. I have been matching images to Nikki’s striking lyrics, and I hope that the combination of the music with potent visuals will bring home the reality of child poverty.
Have a look at this clip to get an idea of the scenes we are hoping to capture.

Hīkoi Music Video - Introducing Nikki Ataarangi Brand

I have just been listening to a demo track for an emotionally charged song that speaks powerfully and eloquently for the underprivileged of our world.
Nikki Te Ataarangi Brand has written a truly inspirational song for my new film Hīkoi. The profound and thought provoking lyrics reflect the message of Hīkoi and the music will beautifully enhance the mood of the film.
The song is a potent reminder of the inequalities that surround us, and I am excited about shooting a music video with Nikki and her band.
The video will feature Nikki as a street musician and show vignettes of poverty through the eyes of the musician. Working on the storyboard convinces me that the music video will be a compelling piece of cinema.
Nikki is an awesome talent, and I hope that Hīkoi will prove her big break.