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Location Scrapbook

Now shooting is complete, I can get down to the most exciting part of film making, the editing. It is here that the director can compose their art and fashion the material into a compelling piece of cinema. With each successive editing session, the material becomes more alive, the story a more real and involving drama.

Going through all the footage on the editing bench is also a good opportunity to reflect on the shooting. It is in the cutting room that you discover which shots work and which don’t. Difficult editing decisions highlight if your work as a director has been successful. Does that long shot match that close up? Have I a cutaway for this scene? Does this sequence really work and convey the meaning I intended?

Today’s video podcast is another compilation of production stills and behind the scenes footage. This slide show covers the frantic rush to finish the shooting, the green screen for, the burns make up and the shooting at the wedding which wrapped the production, Take 2 of our Location Scrapbook.

Location Scrapbook Take 2