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The lead role of Aroha is cast!


Today we cast Kristel Day in the lead role of Aroha.

Kristel has recently moved back to her hometown of Gisborne from the Bay of Plenty and has been looking for a project in the Gisborne region. This is perfect timing for us! Kristel brings a wealth of modeling experience and has worked on some interesting film projects. Her last film - as yet unfinished due to artistic differences between the creative team - was a dark, surreal production. I believe Krystal will bring a slightly darker side to Aroha which will add depth to the story.

At the end of today’s meeting, I promised Kristel that unlike her last film, my project will be completed. As I drove home, I realized how much work is ahead and the magnitude of that promise!

Rebecca is going to reprise the role of the young Aroha, which she played in the promotional film, and as this photograph demonstrates a believable likeness between the young and adult Aroha.

Perhaps today’s headline should read: The lead roles of Aroha are cast!