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A Successful Day's Shooting at the Rere Falls


We had a really successful day’s shooting at the Rere falls today.

Despite waking up to heavy rain and a doubtful weather forecast, we decided to go ahead with the shooting. This was quite a bold decision, given the escalating production budget and the cost of transporting the cast, crew and extras to the location, risking a totally wasted day.

Happily, this brave move was rewarded with some amazing lighting conditions for those all-important opening and closing sequences of the film.

This was especially significant for the childhood ceremony scenes, where we got just the right balance of foreboding that I was looking for, an awe-inspiring visual texture.


It was one of those magical days as a film maker when everything added up to create the perfect atmosphere. The location, the falls, the lighting, the cameras and the actors all in perfect harmony...

Today’s podcast video takes a look at the shooting and includes a rough cut assembly of the childhood ceremony, a key sequence at the beginning of the film.