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A Teaser for a New Film!


In keeping with modern tradition, the credit titles will appear at the end of Amiri & Aroha. For international film festival screenings, it is essential that the titles follow current conventions, with individual titles for the principals followed by a roller title with the full cast and crew. This leads to a long sequence which can appear out of place in a relatively short film. To overcome this, I decided to introduce a teaser scene in between the principal titles and the roller, with Aroha and Hunapo talking after the closing ceremony.

I decided that Aroha should give Hunapo some earth shattering news which would send the audience away with something to think about.

What was the worst possible news Aroha could give to Hunapo? The answer suddenly hit me - that she was carrying Amiri’s child.

This would be devastating news for Hunapo. A daily reminder of Amiri and all the angst. And Amiri’s well to do family would want nothing to do with a child whom they associated with Amiri’s shame.

This child had all the makings of a Heathcliffe like character, unloved by everyone, growing up bitter and twisted. A publisher friend has suggested that I write a novel, expanding on the material from the film, to help secure commercial funding for a sequel. What if Hunapo has a child from his affair with Mere? What if Aroha and Hunapo’s children become deadly rivals?

The scene is set for a Māori David and Goliath!

Today’s podcast video features this teaser sequence which will be inserted into the closing titles of the finished film.