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Designing the look of the film

Pre visualisation (“Pre-Viz&rdquoWinking: I used a lot of photographs and images to design the look of the film. Ceremonies play and important role in Amiri & Aroha and getting the look right will create the atmosphere that I am looking to achieve.

A vital part of early preproduction is deciding on the visual style for the film. The director must have a clear vision of the film in his mind from the outset.

Peter Jackson advises running the whole film through in your head every couple of days. I’ve certainly been running Amiri & Aroha in my mind recently and I can visualise how I would like the finished film to look!

My first draft of the screenplay featured a Māori soothsayer who will play an important role in the story’s development and in each revision of the script her role has become increasingly significant. Getting the look and the feel of the character in Pre-Viz is vital.