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Long gone are the days when the film director could hide behind the camera! Today’s film makers have to promote themselves as well as their work. Blogs, websites, FaceBook fan pages, Twitter - these are all vital tools for the film maker to secure funding and to reach their audiences!

Building on my experience of making short pitches for the New Zealand Big Break film competition, I have made a several promotional films and featurettes for Amiri & Aroha. These promos have proved invaluable, introducing the project to international film festivals and potential distributors.

Amiri & Aroha 2013 IndieGoGo Campaign Video

This is the promo for the IndieGoGo campaign we ran in 2013 to raise finishing funds for the trilogy.

This campaign came at an exciting time for the project, with critics deeming Amiri & Aroha the next Sopranos and the forthcoming opportunity to broadcast the trilogy as a mini series and a feature length cinema release.

The campaign proved extremely successful, introducing many new supporters to our project including our new Executive Producer Carl de Malmanche and my colleagues Ross Fieldes and Andrew Wilson.

Amiri & Aroha 2012 IndieGoGo Campaign Video

We ran a very successful IndieGoGo campaign in 2012 to raise funds for shooting Rere's Children, the final film in the trilogy. The 2012 campaign video is significantly longer than our subsequent promos and gave our supporters an insight into the creation of the trilogy and our success on the international film festival circuit.

Highlights of the campaign included developing a tense and atmospheric scene writing featuring our principle sponsor, Bronwyn Kay. We named a lead character after Hayden Searle, another key supporter. Jonathan Fox became the first virtual assistant director in cinema history.

Watch the Amiri & Aroha trailers here. The teaser trailers for Amiri & Aroha and Amiri's Child have both become successful in their own right and featured in the International Movie Trailer Festival and the Amiri's Child trailer won a a prestigious Best Shorts award.

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